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bitterfig [userpic]
50 Sentences on Cassie/Thelma
by bitterfig (bitterfig)
at October 18th, 2006 (05:11 pm)

Author: Bitterfig

Title: Haunted and Bewitched

Fandom: Hex

Pairing: Cassandra Hughes (Cassie)/Thelma Bates

Prompt Set: Beta

Rating: PG-13

Author’s Note:  This was written for the lj community 1sentenceI actually tried to keep within canon for a change.  I watched the first season of Hex on BBC American and these sentences reflect only the episodes I have seen- from the premiere to the one where Ella Dee has her big psychotic breakdown. 


Haunted and Bewitched

50 Sentances on Cassandra “Cassie” Hughes/Thelma Bates




#01 – Walking

They were walking and Cassie reached for Thelma’s hand only to find there was nothing there. 


#02 – Waltz

Before Thelma was a ghost and Cassie was a witch there was a night where they danced together, close.


#03 – Wishes

She wished she could love Thelma the way Thelma loved her. 


#04 – Wonder

Possessed, pregnant, driven beyond all boundaries of sanity Cassie still astounds Thelma with her grace. 


#05 – Worry

How to you protect someone from something you can’t begin to understand Thelma fretted.


#06 – Whimsy

In the dream Cassie was dressed as Alice in Wonderland with Thelma in a purple cat-suit complete with tail and ears then she work up to Thelma grinning.  


#07 – Waste

“I wasted on a demon the love I could have given to her,” Cassie thought.    


#08 - Whiskey and rum

Ghosts can drink and never get drunk, whiskey and rum can’t make her forget that Cassie’s gone.


#09 – War

They were two little girls caught up in the war between heaven and hell trying not to lose themselves or each other.


#10 – Weddings

At the word wedding Cassie imagined wearing a white dress; Thelma imagined eating a white cake. 


#11 – Birthday

“That’s what’s bothering you; today would have been your birthday,” Cassie cried.


#12 – Blessing

Even if he wasn’t a demon Azazeal would still have no chance in hell of getting Thelma’s blessing.


#13 – Bias

“Perhaps I’m a little biased but the regular boys seem nearly as bad as the demons,” Thelma quips.


#14 – Burning

In her dreams Cassie burned, sometimes as witches burn sometimes for a touch that once upon a time could have been hers for the asking but which now she would never know. 


#15 – Breathing

She breathes in Cassie’s offering with the kiss.


#16 – Breaking

Thelma always knew Cassie would break her heart; but knowing it was bound to happen doesn’t make the actual breaking any easier.   


#17 – Belief

“I didn’t either,” Thelma cries when Cassie says she doesn’t believe in ghosts.  


#18 – Balloon

Cassie felt like a balloon being tossed about by the winds; it was ironic that the only thing keeping her from floating off into space was a particularly earthy ghost. 


#19 – Balcony

They sit on the wide terrace of the school, side by side.


#20 – Bane

“So I’m a McBain; more like bane, bane of my existence, yours as well,” Cassie sighs.


#21 – Quiet

Sometimes it seems to Cassie that love is the root of all problems-Azazeal, Troy, Thelma- too much love, better to live quietly and alone.


#22 – Quirks

Thelma knows she’s unfair to Cassie; after all Thelma will accept nothing less then a perfect skinny little blonde princess but she expects Cassie to settle for her, someone with more then a few quirks. 


#23 – Question

There were so many questions they were afraid to ask each other; about men and women and demons, about death and love and magic


#24 – Quarrel

Thelma meant every word she said during their quarrel but she died for Cassie any ways.


#25 – Quitting

“I don’t want to be this person anymore, this witch, this vessel; do you remember, Thelma, I used to be an artist.” 


#26 – Jump

Thelma can not stop her when Cassie jumps between her son and Ella’s knife.


#27 – Jester

Thelma told herself she didn’t mind playing jester to Cassie’s queen so long as she was a part of the court.


#28 – Jousting

She always seems to be jousting for position in Cassie’s attentions with some boy or some demon. 


#29 – Jewel

Whatever the jewel Ella Dee hid in the fireplace meant in some cosmic war of good against evil to Thelma it was a chance to say good-bye to Cassie.


#30 – Just

They all want her to be something for them, with Thelma she can just be what she is; why isn’t it enough.


#31 – Smirk

“I’d love to wipe that smirk off his face,” Thelma thinks wondering again exactly why Cassie is so taken with Azazeal.


#32 – Sorrow

As a ghost Thelma never expected to mourn.


#33 – Stupidity

“Look what your selfishness and stupidity is doing to me,” Ella Dee screams at Thelma when she finds the jewel is gone.


#34 – Serenade

Her ethereal ghost’s body can not interfere, she has to stand by and watch her best friend, the woman she loves, be serenaded by a demon and she can not do a thing.


#35 – Sarcasm

Dire as things may get when you’re dead and gay and you’re in love with a straight girl carrying a demon’s baby you have to maintain a certain degree of sarcasm about the situation.  


#36 – Sordid

“I’m afraid you did you some rather sordid things while you were possessed, Cassie, though sadly none of them were with me.” 


#37 – Soliloquy

There are no soliloquies in their tragedy, a bit of flirtation, some chatting, some snapping, some screaming but mainly things left unsaid. 


#38 – Sojourn

They make grim trips together, to the hospital, to the church for the ritual that will kill the boy but Thelma knows they can not travel together into the afterlife.


#39 – Share

That last kiss, a kiss at last; everything and not nearly enough.


#40 – Solitary

As much as Thelma loves her, for all that a ghost can be anywhere there are times when Cassie finds herself very much alone.


#41 – Nowhere

Thelma watches as Cassie rushes forward, screams as the knife sinks into her back; suddenly Cassie is not just nowhere to be seen, she is nowhere. 


#42 – Neutral

They curl together like yin and yang within the neutral, protected ground of the pentagram; safe, for a moment and together for the last time. 


#43 – Nuance

Somehow the whole thing with death and demons burns away shades of subtlety- they cared for each other before now they love each other fiercely and desperately. 


#44 – Near

She wanted to stay near Cassie even if it did mean the natural order was out of wack.


#45 – Natural

Being a ghost among the living went “against the natural order”; as a lesbian Thelma had heard that phrase a few times before.         


#46 – Horizon

As the future looms like storm clouds on the horizon they cling to each other.



#47 – Valiant

Between getting knocked up by a demon, a botched abortion and a lovesick lesbian companion Cassie is sure she makes a most compromised heroine… still it is the best she can manage.


#48 – Virtuous

Neither girl was perfect there was virtue in the effort they made to live and love and deal with evil beyond comprehension.


#49 – Victory

Thelma was willing to disappear, to move on so long as she knew that Cassie had triumphed over Azreal.


#50 – Defeat

She had never considered that Cassie would fall and leave her to fight on alone.


Posted by: oroborusfox (oroborusfox)
Posted at: October 20th, 2006 03:43 pm (UTC)

Oh man, that was good. But frustrating, because I wanted them all to go longer.

My favourites were 2, 16, 37, 39 and 45, but they were all so lovely...

Posted by: bitterfig (bitterfig)
Posted at: October 20th, 2006 05:08 pm (UTC)
betsy braddock

Thank you so much for commenting, I'm glad you liked this piece. I really love Hex and the whole Thelma/Cassie relationship and I wanted to write something about them. It ended up taking me a terribly long time even though I'm usually highly prolific and I wasn't sure I did my best job but I'm really happy to know someone got something out of it. Thanks.

Posted by: Le sham? (lemouse)
Posted at: November 20th, 2006 12:25 pm (UTC)

i love them all! and they've certainly inspired a few plot bunnies...

Posted by: bitterfig (bitterfig)
Posted at: November 20th, 2006 02:31 pm (UTC)
tipping the velvet by marauderthesn

Thank you so much, I'm happy to know you liked it.

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