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pimping new land comm

So I don't normally pimp things unless I really believe in them, and think they are truely awesome, and this is one of those times.

I know I have a lot of femslash fans on my flist, so go and have a look at this:

femslash_land femslash_land femslash_land

For those who are members of landcomms already and are sick of having to write het/ambiguous fic in order to win challenges, we need no longer conform! (lol)

And for those of you who aren't on any landcomms, this is a team challenge community where individuals compete in graphics and fic challenges, as well as do fun games and puzzles, to earn points for their team. It's a great place to meet new people, as well as participate in things you wouldn't normally do (I hated graphics, but have learnt I'm not half bad at them)

This landcomm is for all femslash tv and movie pairings, so come along, apply and join in the fun!

so go and apply here

Seeking pics

I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find pictures of just Thelma and Cassie together? I'm trying to find some that are of printable quality. Hires_hotties doesn't have any.

big hair

50 Sentences on Cassie/Thelma

Author: Bitterfig

Title: Haunted and Bewitched

Fandom: Hex

Pairing: Cassandra Hughes (Cassie)/Thelma Bates

Prompt Set: Beta

Rating: PG-13

Author’s Note:  This was written for the lj community 1sentenceI actually tried to keep within canon for a change.  I watched the first season of Hex on BBC American and these sentences reflect only the episodes I have seen- from the premiere to the one where Ella Dee has her big psychotic breakdown. 

Collapse )

Hex Fanfiction

Hello everyone, just a little bit of pimping for my Hex Fanfiction site. (I do have permission, thank you giantessmess) At the moment it has a small number of stories, but they're all well worth a read!

I'd love for you guys to check it out and also if you have fic I'd love to archive it at the site, submission details are all on covered over there. There's a distinct lack of femslash at the moment, just one solitary story!

In return for pimping I have solemnly sworn to write a Thelma story. Such a hardship. hehe. :)
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Hi, this is just an introductory post. I've only seen the first season of Hex fairly recently - and I'm too poor right now to the the S2 dvd, but I'm so happy there's a femslash community for it! Thelma is desperately, desperately sexy. I'm trying not to spoil myself for S2, so if anyone can point out some Season 1 or pre-season fic, I'd love you forever!